Below are details of some of the regular contributors to We are actively seeking to build a network of regular contributors, particularly those who can offer engaging perspectives from first-hand experience on the ground, whether in Arabic, English or Hebrew. If you would like to be involved, please get in touch at:
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Ahmad Barclay
A graduate in architecture and engineering from the universities of Cardiff and Cambridge in the UK. He has worked with architectural and engineering studios in Bethlehem, London, Amsterdam and Washington DC. Ahmad’s research at Cardiff investigated the role of the architect as a political agent in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and is summarised in the publication ‘Resisting Spaciocide: Notes on the Spatial Struggle in Israel-Palestine‘.

Dena Qaddumi
A graduate in architecture from the University of Texas at Austin and urban development planning from University College London, where she researched the relationship between urban space and citizenship in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Her interests centre on participatory governance, urban citizenship and gender policy in housing, infrastructure and public space provision.

Nina Kolowratnik
An architecture graduate trained at Graz University of Technology, AT and Helsinki University of Technology, FIN. Her masters thesis investigated migration and the consequential production of spatial relations. Her research focus was return strategies for Palestinian refugees based on a case study of Naher El Bared camp in Lebanon and the village of Kafr’ Inan in the north of Israel.

Tashy Endres
Studying architecture and political sciences in Berlin. She co-translated ‘Hollow Land’ by Eyal Weizman into German and is currently working on her final thesis on present practices of return of palestinian refugees.

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