A series of original publications from offering critical perspectives on the spatial conflict

Resisting Spaciocide: Notes on the Spatial Struggle in Israel-Palestine
Ahmad Barclay, 2010
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An investigation into the present practices of ‘spatial resistance’ in Israel-Palestine, and their implications for the future of the spatial struggle.

Advancing the Struggle for Urban Justice to the Assertion of Substantive Citizenship: Challenging Ethnocracy in Tel Aviv-Jaffa
Dena Qaddumi, 2011
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Exploring the planning-citizenship relationship and transformative potentials in the urban context of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

The following publications are shared on with kind permission from their respective authors.

Subjective AtlasSubjective Atlas of Palestine
Annelys de Vet (ed.), 2007
[Download PDF (16mb)]

An intimate, honest and very human portrait of contemporary Palestinian life, articulated through a collection of drawings, photographs, maps and narratives from Palestinian artists, photographers and designers.

The following journals are shared with kind permission from Adalah (The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel) and Zochrot. Their respective publications, Makan and Sedek, focus from quite different perspectives on questions of politics and space in Israel-Palestine, yet both challenge the traditional divide between academia and activism.

Makan: Vol. 2 – The Right to a Spatial Narrative
Adalah, 2010
[Download PDF (4mb)]

Exploring the issue of “the right to a spatial narrative.” Presenting academic articles alongside Adalah’s legal advocacy work with Bedouins in the Negev.

Makan: Vol. 1 – The Right to the City
Adalah, 2006
[Download PDF (4mb)]

Focusing on the concept of “the right to the city,” as developed by French philosopher Henri Lefebvre.

Sedek: A Collection on Return
Zochrot, 2010
[Download PDF: English | للعبرية | לערבית]

A collection of articles from previous Sedek issues promoting practices, visions and possibilities for the return of Palestinian refugees.

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