Decolonizing the Mind: TEDxRamallah Talk by Alessandro Petti

Alessandro Petti at TEDxRamallah

Alessandro Petti, director of DAAR (Decolonizing Architecture Art Residency), talks about the work and approach of the practice. The talk was a part of the […]

There’s more to Gaza than broken slabs of concrete

By Sami Kishawi This article was originally published by the Electronic Intifada on 7 July 2011 and is republished on with permission from the […]

Freedom Flotilla II: Towards Ending the Siege on Gaza

In the coming week, activists from across the world are taking part in a collective action aimed at ending the siege of Gaza. Freedom Flotilla […]

The ‘Housing Intifada’ and Its Aftermath

Jaffa Graffiti

By Daniel Monterescu This article was originally published under the title “The ‘Housing Intifada’ and Its Aftermath: Ethno-Gentrification and the Politics of Communal Existence in Jaffa” in Anthropology News, […]

Counter-Mapping Return: Towards Transforming Imagined Geographies into Reality

Counter-Mapping Return

Following the events of May 15th, grassroots activists and community organisations have chosen June 5th – Naksa Day, the anniversary commemorating the displacement of thousands […]

Subjective Atlas of Palestine: Asserting the Right to Narrate

Subjective Atlas of Palestine

The right to history, to individual and collective memories of the past, and to a self-determined perspective on the future were at the core of […]

Planning Al-Awda: Re-Imagining the Spatial Contours of Israel-Palestine

Imagining a return to the village of Miska

This past weekend the world watched as Palestinians in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Gaza and the West Bank marched on the recognised and unrecognised borders of […]

Consigned to History? Memoirs of a Closed Rafah Crossing

Rafah Crossing

by Sami Kishawi At a moment of immense hope following the Egyptian announcement that the Rafah crossing is soon to be permanently reopened, Sami Kishawi […]

Recognising Palestine: Towards Emancipation or Cementing Prosthetic Sovereignty?

Today in Cairo, Fatah, Hamas and the other main political factions in the occupied Palestinian territories announced a reconciliation agreement promising new democratic elections in […]

TEDxRamallah: Voices from Free Palestine

Bethlehem Convention Palace

On Saturday 16th April, TEDxRamallah, a remarkable transnational event will be taking place in Bethlehem, Amman and Beirut, to be streamed on the same day […]

Land Day: Al-Araqib and its Implications for the Spatial Struggle


Since 27 July 2010, when Israeli authorities demolished the village for the first time, the struggle for al-Araqib has risen to international prominence, becoming a […]

Makan: The Right to a Spatial Narrative

Closed Islamic Waqf Property in Old City of Jaffa

Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, recently published Volume 2 of Makan (meaning ‘Place’ in Arabic), their periodic journal for Land, […]