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Pace, Conflitti e Violenza: Decolonizing Architecture

Società Italiana di Scienze Psicosociali per la Pace (Italian Society of Psycho-Social Sciences for Peace) has just published an online issue of its journal Pace, Conflitti e Violenza (Peace, Conflict and Violence) devoted to DAAR (Decolonizing Architecture | Art Residency).

CCTV on the Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem

CCTV on the Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem (Diego Segatto)

This monograph bringings together a collection of articles, interviews and diaries from current and former DAAR participants in an attempt to offer a self-critical reflection on the genealogy of ideas and modes of working that have come to define the collective.

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SISPa Journal CoverPace, Conflitti e Violenza, Anno VII, n. 11
Giornale della Società Italiana di Scienze Psicosociali per la Pace

Six articles in Italian, three articles in English

Edited by Diego Segatto, with contributions from Adriano Zamperini, Alessandro Petti, Sandi Hilal, Eyal Weizman, Ahmad Barclay, Lorenzo Pezzani, Brave New Alps, Nicola Perugini, Sara Pellegrini, Marialuisa Menegatto.
(Republished on arenaofspeculation.org with permission from the authors.)

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