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Architectural Speculations: Narratives of Return

arenaofspeculation.org presents original extracts from ‘Narratives of Return’, a forthcoming exhibition investigating the spatial and architectural dimensions of a return of Palestinian refugees.

Narratives of Return
View extracts from exhibition

The exhibition is built on the architectural research and design thesis work of four individuals, Nina Kolowratnik, Bert Ruelens, Maria Rocco and Ahmad Barclay. The collaboration stems from a from a shared involvement in the ‘Laboratory of Returns’ in the summer of 2009; a project conceived by Decolonizing Architecture in partnership with Zochrot.

Images of Presence

'Images of Presence' by Nina Kolowratnik

Traces of Exile

'Traces of Exile' by Bert Ruelens


'Re-Emergence' by Ahmad Barclay


'reTURN' by Maria Rocco

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